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2017 Member Spotlights

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Bre Myres
Recruiter/HR Partner
California Dental Association

SAHRA Member Since 2013





How long have you been working in HR and how has the industry changed over the years?


As a manager for 10 years, I had previous experience in HR functions. I have been working in an HR department for the last 3.5 years, starting as a Coordinator, then Administrator, and now a Recruiter/HR Partner. I absolutely love the work I get to do, the team I work with, and all the opportunities for learning. Lately we have seen HR shifting more towards being a strategic business partner and more proactive and moving away from being administrative, transactional and reactive. This transition is giving HR more opportunities to make a difference to the bottom line.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career in HR?


Don’t be afraid to take on challenges and ask questions. Learn everything you can. HR is an experience-based industry and I believe the more you know and the more options you can relate to, the more successful you can be. Find a mentor who can help you get your foot in the door. And, of course join SAHRA!


How has your involvement with SAHRA affected your career?


SAHRA has been there for me throughout my HR career and continues to be. When I decided to start a career in HR, I joined the MIT program (Members in Transition) to gain insight on how to market my skills, research HR jobs, and learn more about the profession. At an MIT meeting, I inadvertently met someone who put me in touch with someone who helped me launch my new career in HR. I successfully passed my PHR with the support of the PHR study group facilitated by SAHRA. Each year I attend the SAHRA convention and in the near future I hope to join the board in a capacity to focus and improve diversity in HR.


What is one thing most of your colleagues don’t know about you?


I am a continuous learner. I like learning about anything and everything. Business, HR, Culture, lifestyles, history, psychology, sociology, sports, nature, etc. I like knowing a little bit of everything.  


What challenges do you believe will face the HR industry in the future?


I think that HR will always be affected by the current administration at the national, state and local levels, creating challenges around education, compliance, and adhering to new policies. Challenges faced by HR will continue to center around communication, performance management, team engagement, and employee relations. 



Valerie A. Silva, SHRM-SCP, SPHR-CA

Vice President, Human Resources

USA Properties Fund, Inc.

SAHRA Member Since 1991




How long have you been in the HR profession, and how has it changed over the years in your eyes? 

I’ve been exclusively in HR Management for 25 years. The most significant changes I’ve seen include the focus on a greater level of professionalism and knowledge base by those who have more recently chosen HR as a profession. Of course, the evolution of HR technology is beyond what I ever imagined and very challenging to keep up on, but it has become essential to HR department operations, and an organization as a whole, to try to stay current on the new trends.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in HR?

If at all possible, pursue an HR specific college curriculum and in addition, obtain and maintain HR certifications. The PHRca is very helpful to any HR practitioner whose organization does business in California. We can’t learn everything on the job and being exposed to information not usually relevant to what we do daily provides you with a different view of the HR world . Also, participating in HR internships while in college will provide a real-world perspective on the HR profession and the critical strategic role HR should play in an organization.


How has your involvement with SAHRA affected your career in HR?

I obtained my first HR certification in 1997 by participating in a SAHRA study group and it made the difference in passing the PHR exam, as we did not have the preparation resources that are now available, especially online. The openness by most SAHRA members to networking with others and sharing knowledge and resources continues. The continuing educational opportunities are invaluable to keeping abreast of what is and will be impacting both my organization and HR team.


What is one thing most of your colleagues don’t know about you?

I grew up on a multi-generational dairy farm in a small town and it made all the difference in who I became and what I have achieved.


What challenges do you believe will face the HR industry in the future? 

Continuing to earn that place at the senior leadership/c-suite table and to be recognized as a true strategic partner to the organization. Like with any industry, mentoring those HR professionals to not only take our places, but also to elevate the profession.

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